Our Vision


Apply intelligent light to increase human welfare, safety, alertness, and concentration in work or nursing environments.


MediluX realizes lighting projects for government and industry with a primary focus on the welfare, wellbeing and optimal functioning of people in their work, nursing, or home environments. MediluX performs its own research, light advice, light design, light planning, and project management.

MediluX and the meaning of light


During the last decades, it has become increasingly clear that light, and in particular daylight, positively affects our daily functioning and well-being. Our quality of life and work is highly determined and influenced by the amount of light that we, in all its facets and tints, receive daily. This applies to both active and inactive people, in healthcare and eldercare, in offices and industry, in control rooms, but also at home.






The effect of light


The biological clock

From its establishment, Medilux has conducted leading research together with, for example, the RUG (University of Groningen) and the NIN-KNAW (Dutch Institute for Neuroscience). In recent decades, research has shown that our biological clock plays an important role in various periodic bodily functions, such as the sleep-wake rhythm. Adjustment of our internal clock is regulated by external influences, especially by sunlight or daylight.


Medilux is one of the founders of using light to stimulate the biological clock.




  • MediluX implements an intelligent lighting project at “Molentocht”, part of “De Zorgcirkel” (Dutch care center).


  • MediluX organizes the seminar “Verlichting van het werk” (facilitation of work by lighting) in Spijkenisse.

  • MediluX performs a first evaluation of the scientific research “Ouderenzorg” (eldercare), with surprisingly positive results.

  • MediluX participates in the scientific research “On time, Light and Shift work”.